How to Use SlideShare to Get Hundreds of Customers on Autopilot

We just finished watching an interview with Lynda Weinmann that absolutely blew our minds with a new marketing strategy to get more customers into your business without spending a dollar.

If you don’t know who Lynda is…

She started, which is a website that has video tutorials on how to do things like web development, design, photography, and more.

In her interview, she went on record to reveal that she actively has over 4 MILLION members that are paying a minimum of $25 per month to access her video tutorials.

She ended up selling her site to LinkedIn for $1.5 BILLION, which is absolutely incredible.

What’s even more incredible is that in her interview she also that her top marketing strategy that was responsible for sending her hundreds of new customers every day was…


This is a place where you can upload short Powerpoint presentations for the world to see.

Now, we couldn’t believe that this place was her top marketing channel…


We’ve spent over 80 hours reverse engineering and experimenting with what it was that she did on SlideShare to acquire new customers, and finally figured out her formula.

The results blew our minds.

If you’d like to see what they were, and how you can implement her strategy to get hundreds of customers on autopilot…

Watch the video at the top of this page.

You’ll be glad you did.

Chris 🙂

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