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Make An Extra $1,350 Every Month In Passive Income As Our Affiliate!


Aloha! It’s Chris.

Marketers Paradise has been hand built from the ground up as a place for me to teach anyone that’s interested in creative marketing strategies designed to rapidly grow a business online.

I’ve gone the extra mile to create a stunningly effective, high quality, and high-converting membership for you to promote and profit from as an affiliate.

You can expect to earn a guaranteed monthly recurring commission for every person you refer to Marketers Paradise.

We have two membership levels. $35 per month and $350 per year. You get a 50% lifetime recurring commission on both!

My goal with this affiliate program is to make you a lot of money, every month. Period.

To make that happen, I have personally built this affiliate dashboard to have a series of step-by-step videos where you can look over my shoulder and see the most effective ways to make as much money as you want by referring people to Marketers Paradise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or even an advanced super marketer.

On this page, you’re going to get everything you need to succeed.

You don’t even need any technical skills, just choose a marketing method that you want to use to spread the word about Marketers Paradise, watch video, and just do as I do so you can sit back as the cash comes in.

Now let’s have some fun!

Before you can start making money, you need to setup your affiliate account. This is where you will be able to track your progress online and most importantly, get paid!

>> Click Here to Create Your Affiliate Account<<

Got your affiliate account? Good! Now let’s move on to step 2 which is where you will see where to get your affiliate links and see how much money you’re making!

>> Click Here to Log Into Your Affiliate Account<<

Did you bookmark your affiliate dashboard and get familiar with how to copy and paste your affiliate links? Great! Let’s move on to step 3…

The key to success online is consistency. Once you’ve made a promise to yourself that you’re going to be consistent, it’s time to proceed to step 4…

After you personally contacted some people you know to recommend our courses to them, let’s dive right into what you can do on Facebook in step 5…

Now that you have most likely started seeing some stats from the last two steps, let’s ramp things up a bit by jumping into Twitter in step 6…

Once you’ve spent some time contributing to conversations on Twitter with your affiliate links, let’s have some fun running a few Fiverr experiments in step 7…

After you have fun experimenting on Fiverr, let’s start helping people out with marketing questions on Quora in step 8…

Did you follow everything in step 8? I hope so! Quora is where I’ve made hunderds of thousands as an affiliate. Now let’s move on to step 9…

Now you have everything you need to succeed in making serious amount of passive monthly income simply by telling the world about Marketers Paradise!

Welcome aboard!

Chris Luck
Founder of Marketers Paradise

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